Brought up on Lake Superior’s north shore, Jon spent his childhood exploring backcountry rivers and lakes. An education in forestry and a passion for fly-fishing fueled his enthusiasm for paddling into wild spaces. Over time, he developed a lifelong appreciation for nature, its beauty, and the rhythms of water, light, and form. When not in the wilderness or in his workshop Jon draws inspiration from his two adventurous and incredible daughters.

He began his love of woodworking over 20 years ago while making a range of furniture and bamboo fly rods. His desire to design and create in wood grew throughout the years. After a constant search to put his creative energy to some purpose, Jon established Backcountry Custom Canoes.

His style combines his strong woodworking background and his own unique life experiences. Backcountry Custom Canoes’ design goal is to attain just the right balance between form, function, and craft. With emphasis on simplicity and subtle elegant lines, a canoe should be graceful, light-weight yet strong, and something you never tire of paddling.

Backcountry Custom Canoes creates functional pieces of art to help you navigate a lifestyle where water is a bridge between nature and humankind.