Sea Kayak, Tandem Canoe, Solo Canoe

Tandem "The Laker"

Length 15′ – 17′
Max Width 36″
Waterline Width 33″
Depth @ centre 14.5″
Bow height 20″
Stern height 20″
Weight 30 – 40 lbs

Design notes:
A fast symmetrical tandem built to your specifications. The Laker can make big days is the backcountry effortless. One trip portages, a big payload, and a confidence inspiring shape capable of big water crossings are hallmarks of this design. The ultra-light weight and ample tumblehome also make this an awesome cottage boat particularly for those who struggle to lift heavy boats.

Construction Notes:
This boat is built with a combination of Cedar / Douglas Fir / Ash with a heavy ballistic nylon covering. It includes an ash yoke and a variety of optional seat designs.