"The Needle" Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak "The Needle"

Length 16 – 18′
Max width 21 – 24″
Weight 30-40lbs
Full customization, these boats are shaped with the paddler at the design stage.

Design notes:
A somewhat radical departure from traditional sea kayak shapes, these boats are designed for speed, seaworthiness and ease of rolling. Starting with a bow shape more reminiscent of race boats and coupled with a raised foredeck that slices waves rather than bob over them. The widest part of the boat is behind the paddler allowing for efficient paddle strokes, with great acceleration. The Needle has real surf ability without sacrificing too much stability or gear capacity.  Simply put, this is the boat you want when paddling Lake Superior’s rugged shoreline, and the boat you reach for when you just want to rip across the local reservoir.

Construction Notes:
Built with Douglas Fir and Ash for durability these boats have no metal components. Although slightly heavier than traditional skin on frame kayaks they are built with the expectation that the owner can beach them with confidence on a rocky shore.